• Executive Search and Selection
  • Interim Appointments

We use our sector knowledge and expertise to carry out a thorough and effective executive search.  Our searches are customised to your needs. We spend time understanding your specific requirements in terms of technical skills and experience but also to understand the kind of person that would best fit with your culture.

We believe that making sure that applicants are making the right choice is as important as the College making the right appointment and this approach has enabled us to build a wide network of contacts across the sector and beyond.

With access to a wide range of highly qualified, sector experienced Associates, we can also support you with all your interim requirements.

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We have a strong track record of project management within the education sector including merger project management support to a number of sixth forms and Colleges

We take a hands on, personalised approach to our project management becoming a part of your team.  Not only do we act as an additional resource, we also offer extensive experience, add value and aim to take the stress and worry away from you. We believe for mergers to be successful they require careful planning , complete transparency and meticulous execution building trust and confidence amongst all stakeholders including Governors, manager, staff and external stakeholders. We are used to working with trade unions and have an in-depth understanding of the statutory frameworks. To date we have supported six successful FE and SFC mergers.

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The education sector has seen real change over the last few years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We know it takes more than structures and processes to embed change.  It takes leadership, staff engagement, resilience, as well as careful planning and flawless implementation.

We do not take a ‘one size’ fits all approach.  Instead we take time to understand the organisation, talking to key people and understanding the core values.  We work closely with you to develop the vision, strategy and rational for change and associated action plan.

We are very people focussed. While we understand processes and the legal aspects of contractual change, we are very much driven by a need to value people and to ensure that even in major change programmes that people are valued and respected so that future operations are built on solid foundations.

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With sector wide experience we understand the issues Colleges face and are able to provide pragmatic solutions to these.

We are able to offer an extensive range of HR services and support to meet the needs of your business

We also offer behaviour profiling and psychometric testing.

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We have an excellent track record of providing executive coaching to Principals and aspiring Managers and Principals

We are also able to provide mentoring support to a range of middle/lower managers including career planning and guidance.

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We provide a range of support for governors and the governance process including:

  • Sourcing Clerking support
  • Advice on questions arising from the application of the Instrument and Articles
  • Assisting Boards with strategic reviews.

We have extensive experience of working directly with Chairs and Governors in a wide variety of situations providing practical solutions to the challenges Boards face.

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