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At Rockborn Management Consultants we a have a plethora of Associates working with us. This month we are delighted to feature Vannessa Rhodes who has written the blog below.


I love to be involved and be amongst people (N.B. I have FOMO: Fear of Missing Out).

I like to talk and create new ideas and I am naturally enthusiastic and optimistic. I have a wide circle of friends and plenty of engagements coming up in my diary. I like working in teams and I have a naturally fun side, creating opportunities to laugh wherever I can – I don’t take life too seriously. I work hard and I play hard. I know that I get easily distracted, it’s just that I find too much detail tedious and it gets me down when I am stuck on my own ploughing through information for hours on end. I avoid it.

Do you already like the sound of me, or are you instantly put off by my description of my behaviour? You may think I am too frivolous, or too unrealistic and that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on details and get things done!

Conversely, you may be instantly drawn to my behaviour and think I’d be a great person to have working in your team!

The thing is, we are all unique and we all behave differently. Sometimes we adapt our behaviour to suit the situation and sometimes other people’s behaviour can cause us to feel stressed, out of sorts, out of our depth, or just downright uncomfortable.


Learning more about ourselves and understanding our innate (or natural) behaviours and how we adapt, gives us a great insight into why we find some roles, some work settings, some people and some situations easy to deal with, and others, trickier.

Also, knowing more about our deeply held driving forces and what our attitude is to certain things is fundamental in helping us to make sense of the world; and it helps us to know why we react so strongly when we are faced with decisions and people’s opinions. Some things we are just drawn to and some things are a major turn -off.

One way to learn more about ourselves and our motivation is by completing an online behaviour profile, which can provide us with an insight into how we behave, and how and why we take certain approaches to the people around us.

Ensize Puzzle Disc is a communication analysis that describes various behaviour styles. It is used in many situations where understanding people’s differences are important, such as recruitment, team development, leadership development, sales and communications.

Everyone has different behaviour styles

Behavioural style is about how we react in various situations. Knowing and understanding each other’s behavioural styles creates a more open organisational climate. The Puzzle Disc is an analysis based on William Moulton Master’s DISC model. It provides greater self – awareness and makes communication easier. The analysis describes an individual’s basic natural behaviour (basic behaviour) and how they adapt to certain environment or surroundings (adapted behaviour). The puzzle disc highlights the various behaviours using puzzle pieces and colours, e.g.;

The Ensize Disc analysis also includes a ranking of an individual’s Driving Forces.

Why is it important to know what drives and motivates us?

Simply because motivation is about personal values and what is meaningful in life.

Motivation is about winning hearts and minds.

Research shows that people strive to achieve agreement between their attitudes (driving forces) and their behaviour, so that they appear rational and consistent. They feel uncomfortable when this is not possible.

When fundamental values and attitudes of a person are known it is possible to predict their behaviour and understand why they behave as they do. We have a higher level of performance and satisfaction if our values are in line with those of the organisation we work for.

The analysis provides descriptions of 7 driving forces and a ranking of an individual’s driving forces.

By learning more and gaining a better understanding of our own behaviour and driving forces and, additionally, by carrying out this exercise as a team, we can move to a place where we can treat others as their style indicates that they would like to be treated. We can engage with each other with more empathy and less conflict.

I use the behaviour profiling tool to unlock individuals and teams, to create a common language and a bond between everyone, and ultimately to improve productivity and performance!

That way, no one misses out!


About the Author

Vanessa Rhodes BA Hons, FCIPD

 Vanessa is a very experienced HR professional with a compassionate, pragmatic approach to people management.

Vanessa has worked in FMCG and in the public sector and she has spent the last 15 years working in Further Education. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, her expertise lies in providing tangible and effective transformational solutions to people, process and performance matters. She works with a calm, clear and organised perspective, gained from the many encounters and experiences she has dealt with throughout her career. Vanessa played a pivotal role in two FE college mergers, taking significant staffing decisions and mobilising leaders to make tough choices, to enable the process of change from the inside out.

Vanessa’s energy and her eye for detail mean that you can trust her to produce excellent and timely results. She was recently described by a senior leader who she supported through a period of extensive change as a ‘gateway to sanity’.

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