Better together

Better Together

Boards & management teams are under closer scrutiny now than ever before.  The Commissioner, Banks, Auditors and the usual agencies are all paying close attention now that the EFS safety net has been removed; the high wire has been raised to make the fall from grace that much harder. Some have argued that this is a

Rockborn Management Consultants support Lancashire Colleges to a successful merger

  Rockborn Management Consultants has completed another merger supporting Nelson and Colne and Accrington and Rossendale Colleges safely across the line on 30th November 2018. The newly formed Nelson and Colne College Partnership will incorporate Nelson and Colne College, Accrington and Rossendale College and Lancashire Adult Learning, and will build on the outstanding performance of Nelson

Maths and English

Reformed Maths and English Qualifications

    Rockborn Management Associate Christine Edwards has produced a blog post on the reformed Maths and English qualifications due to come online in September 2019. GCSE Maths and English resits for young people are so unfair… Functional Skills are a sound alternative that will be even more relevant when the reformed Maths and English qualifications

The Apprenticeship Levy

    Rockborn Associate Colin Gordon has produced a blog post on his experiences of the Apprenticeship Levy. Colin goes onto say…. “It’s been an interesting first year with the new Apprenticeship Levy. I’ve found it fascinating listening to the various views on whether this is better or worse than previous iterations; how poor the

hear and obey

To Hear is to Obey

  This sector has had a long tradition of responding with speed to the changes in Government policy. We are at times like tango partners with our Minister, joined at the hip and proceeding with passion and determination to the end of the room where we about-face and head off with equal passion in the