Better together

The Apprenticeship Levy

Boards & management teams are under closer scrutiny now than ever before.  The Commissioner, Banks, Auditors and the usual agencies are all paying close attention now that the EFS safety net has been removed; the high wire has been raised to make the fall from grace that much harder.

Some have argued that this is a good thing, that it will focus the mind of Principals who, presumably, have been daydreaming their way to perdition. I am not sure of that. I am not sure that it has worked that effectively as a management tool in the private sector. I’d also argue that if you a lion enters the room, you’ll tend to focus on that, even if you were about to make the final breakthrough in your search for the common cold cure before Leo came into your life:  I digress.

What I do feel more certain about is that there has never been a time when the sector has to work together to argue its case. The ‘LoveOurColleges’ campaign is important. Just as important is the mutual support Principals give each other.  We all know that nothing prepares you for the job. No matter your route to the job, or your approach to leadership, you have something in common. I never got the ‘its lonely at the top’ argument. I had people in the senior team and the Board to share with. I also had a great group of fellow principals that I could call for advice or rant to. I could call a principal I didn’t know and they would take the call and help.  That support was vital then and even more now. The collective wisdom and strength of the sector are powerful not just in lobbying but in terms of personal support.  We should do all we can to harness it.


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